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Body Bar Turkey Day Workout

We have been working all year on our bodies and with the holiday season approaching, its hard not to fall prey to the delicious foods set out on the table.  Its okay to indulge during these few days in the year so dig in just be sure to dig in to a hearty workout too!  This workout we’ve created is designed to not only enhance strength but really burn those calories.

Perform each exercise for one set until failure.  Push yourself until you really can’t do anymore reps keeping in mind to not sacrifice your form.  Just because we’re doing a lot of reps does not mean the tempo should increase.  The tempo should be steady throughout the entire workout.


Warm Up: Get your heart rate up!  Below is an example of a warm up that can be done anywhere!

30 jumping jacks

1 minute of jump rope (if you are without a jump rope, simply performing the motion will still raise your heart rate)

30 seconds of high knees

30 seconds of butt-kicks

Repeat 3-5 times making sure your heart rate is now up and ready to work!

1.  Body Bar Squat


With feet about hip distance apart, bring the Body Bar® up and over your head to rest lightly on the fleshy part of your upper back. Push the hips back while you bend the knees, as if you were sitting into a low chair. Push through the heels and extend the knees to return to the start position. Make sure you do not pull on the bar during the squat, but rest your hands lightly on the underside of the bar during the execution.  

2.  Push Up


Lie on the floor face down and place your hands about 36 inches apart while holding your torso up at arms length.  Lower your self down until your chest almost touches the floor as you inhale.  Breath out while pressing your body back up.  If you are need to, you can bend your legs at the knees to take off resistance or perform the exercise against the wall instead of the floor.  For more of a challenge, place your feet on a higher surface to add more resistance.

3.  Body Bar Lunge


With feet hip distance apart, split your stance (one foot forward, the other back). Bring the Body Bar® up and over your head to rest lightly on the fleshy part of your upper back. Keeping body upright, bend both knees as you lower towards the ground. The back shin should become perpendicular to the ground with its heel lifted and the front thigh should be perpendicular to the ground with the knee behind the toes. Push through the heel of the front foot and the toe of the back foot to return to the starting position. Keep the elbows lifted (which will keep the chest lifted) to keep the bar in place as you lower down. Make sure you do not pull on the bar during the squat, but rest your hands lightly on the underside during execution.

4.  Reverse Crunch

Lie on your back with knees bent.  Bring them into your chest, while keeping your palms on the floor and shoulder blades tucked back.  Make sure when you lower down that your back does not sway.  There should be no space between your back and floor.

5.  Body Bar Row


Begin with your feet hip distance apart (or wider), grasping the Body Bar® with an overhand grip. Tilt from the hips and let the bar hang at your knees. Hands should be just outside the knees as you begin. Bend the elbows and pull back to bring the bar in towards the crease of your hip. Elbows should be tucked in close to the sides. Extend the elbows to return to the starting position.

6.  Body Bar Bicep Curl


Begin by grasping the Body Bar® with an underhand grip about shoulder width apart. Start with the bar resting at the thighs with the elbows slightly in front of the body. Bend the elbows to bring the bar up towards the shoulders without letting the elbows move behind the body. Then, return to the starting position.

7.  Toe Touch

Toe Touchers

Lie on the floor with your back pressed against the mat.  Bring your legs straight up in the air with your feet flexed with a slight bend in the knees to prevent your lower back from coming off the floor. While keeping your lower back pressed against the floor, slowly lift your torso and try to touch your toes.  Remember to exhale during the reach.  Keep your arms straight and pointed towards your toes during the entire exercise.

8.  Body Bar Shoulder Press – Wide Grip


Begin by holding the bar just under the chin with hands more than shoulder width apart. Press the bar overhead being certain you can still see the bar if you glance up. Bend the elbows to return to the starting position.

9.  Side Bridge

Side Bridge

Lie on your side and support your body between your forearm and knee to your feet.  Raise your hips up and lower down.  Repeat on the other side.

10.  Body Bar Shoulder Raise


Begin by grasping the Body Bar® with an overhand grip about shoulder width apart. With straight arms, lift the bar to about shoulder height. Then, return to the starting position.

11.  Superman


Lie straight and face down on the floor.  Fully extend your arms.  Raise your legs, arms and chest off of the floor simultaneously while exhaling.  Slowly lower to return to the starting position while inhaling.

Good work!  You definitely deserve a Turkey Day feast now!

Water for health and weight loss

everyday i’m guzzlin'

It’s a well known fact that everyone needs to drink water every day.  The general recommendation for men and women is 13 and 9, respectively.  This recommendation includes water from foods, too.  Different factors increase the amount of water needed including exercise, environment, and/or certain health conditions.  Water helps your body perform daily functions and adequate water intake is essential in a healthy, functional body.  When increasing water intake remember to increase slowly working toward the end goal.  Drinking water before meals can aid in weight loss.  Studies have shown that drinking two glasses (16 ounces) of water before meals will help a person eat less because of the water in their stomach.


  1. Take a water bottle with you everywhere and know how much it holds.  Keep track of how much you are drinking for a couple of days to see what/if you need to change.
  2. Replace sugary beverages with regular water.
  3. If you are looking to lose weight drink two glasses of water before eating a meal – while cooking is a perfect opportunity.