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Earth Day Series – The Life of the Body Bar


Happy Earth Day!  Body Bar is not only an advocate for health but for our environment as well.  To help do our part for the environment we make an effort to recycle as much material as possible.  The life of a Body Bar can last forever since the core of the Bar is made of steel.  With the help from our customers around the United States, we help keep the life of the Body Bar going.

The life of the Body Bar starts at our warehouse where we pack and ship all customer orders.


Body Bars packed and ready to go!

For individual customers, the life of the Body Bar can last forever.  For clubs though, the Body Bar gets a lot of love and normal wear and tear can occur.


Wear and tear from a club that uses Body Bars for multiple classes a day

Of course clubs aren’t happy when this happens, just look how worn out those Body Bars look!  But do not fear, we like taking back overly loved Bars.  All clubs have to do is buy the replacement bars for about 60% off MSRP whenever they feel their Body Bars (or any other brand of weighted exercise bar) is getting too much love.  For more details on the Exchange Program click here.

Exchange - CENTER.jpg

When a club decides to go through with an Exchange, we ship them the new Body Bars first.  We include return shipping labels as well since we want the old Bars back to our warehouse.  Once the club unpacks their brand new Body Bars, they just have to throw the old Bars in the boxes, slap on the labels and we’ll schedule a FedEx pick up.  Then we wait to receive back the old Bars.

Body Bars we received back during an Exchange. These are one of the first Body Bars we made!

Now that we have the old bars, we strip it all the way down to the steel! We put on new rubber tubing, end caps and labels.  Then we re-sell these bars as refurbished Body Bars.  They look & feel brand new but we add a discount to encourage everyone to buy recycled material!

And in honor of Earth Day, we’ll be giving everyone FREE shipping on all refurbished bars this week!  We love being green and we hope you’ll help our efforts to recycle!

Rebuilt 18lb Body Bars

Rebuilt 18lb Body Bars


Use code bbed14 for Free Shipping!

Do you have fitness equipment you’re not using anymore?  Help recycle and donate your items to your local school, YMCA or sporting organization!  





Earth Day Series – 6 Easy Ways to have a Greener Office

Body Bar doesn’t only recycle our building materials, we also try to do our part in the office to minimize our carbon footprint.  Here are 6 ways we keep our office green that we think is easy for any office to implement.

1.  Have a Recycle Bin/Compost Bin

Encourage your co-workers or employees to use the recycle bin for their plastics, glass and other recycleble materials.  If you have the same, a compost bin outside the office is a great way to put bad leftovers to use.

2.  Take out your own Trash

A lot of plastic bags can be wasted by having someone take out the trash every single day when the bag may not even be full.  If your office facility allows it, ask that you take out your own trash to save some plastic bags.  Better yet, if you have extra paper bags, use those instead as they’ll break down quicker in the dump.

3.  Stock Reusable Bags

How many times have you gone out to buy a quick lunch from the nearest store?  More than likely, the store you purchased your meals and maybe even meals for other co-workers, use plastic bags to help you carry your meal(s).  Save the plastic and bring your own reusable bag to keep in the office.  This will be helpful for any other errands that you need to run during your lunch break.

4.  Get a Water Cooler / Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles are a waste of our natural resources, not to mention that what companies put in them is STOLEN from public waterways for their own personal profit.

Ditch the bottled water.  Not only will filtered water from the cooler be healthier for you but you will help reduce your carbon footprint by refilling your water bottle or cup rather than going through all the plastic of bottled water.  Be sure to no reuse plastic bottles as the chemicals break down and you’ll end up drinking plastic particles.  For environmentally friendly water bottles, click here.

5.  Recycle or Reuse Dishes

It may take an extra minute out of your day, but washing your dishes is far better for the environment than throwing away a plastic fork or spoon everyday.  If you can’t bring yourself to bring your own dishes to work, look for utensils that can be composted or recycled.  Being able to recycle your dishes can also help save water used when washing dishes.  Click here to find out more on why using plastic utensils should be replaced.

6.  Power Down

Turning off the lights when you leave can help significantly.  It is also important to power down your computer.  If you work on a lap top, unplug once in awhile and use the battery instead of the power cord.  Use your own lamp with an energy efficient bulb rather than the high florescent lights that most offices use.  Offices can use up a lot of power, click here to find out other ways to conserve power in your office.


Comment below to tell us how you help to make your office green.  

Don’t forget about our Refurbished Body Bars!  Get in shape and environment.  To find out more click here.

How to Pick out the Right Body Bar for You

A common question we get asked is “Which Body Bar weight should I go with?” and the answer is not a simple one because everyone is different.  Here are some questions to ask yourself that we typically ask our customers so that you can find out which Body Bar weight is best for you.

1.  Do you have any injuries?

Of course, always consult with your doctor before you start exercising again.  If you’re doing any rehab, we suggest sticking with lower weights like our 3lb, 4lb or even 6lb Body Bars.

2.  How long have you been strength training?  






If you don’t have a lot of experience lifting weights, starting out with a 6lb Body Bar will be the way to go. The weight is evenly distributed with the Body Bar which makes lifting a little more difficult than using dumbbells or machines. If you are a beginner, the Body Bar is a great tool for alignment, so don’t be discouraged to start with a lower weight to ensure your form is correct. If you have done some strength training before, a 9lb or 12lb will be a great fit.  For those seasoned lifters, we recommend anything from 15lbs and up.

3.  What do you plan on doing with the Body Bar?

If you plan on using one of our many DVDs to workout to, we suggest sticking with a 9lb Body Bar.  Believe us, by the time you’re done, that 9lb Body Bar will feel like a ton of bricks!  If you’re planning on doing less cardio and more traditional exercises, you can go with a heavier weight for isolated movements like bicep curls so something around 18lbs.  However, if you’re planning on adding compound movements, the 12 or 15lb Body Bars will work really well.


If you ever have any questions on which weight is right for you, just give us a call (303.938.6865) or shoot us an email ( and we’d be happy to help.  Or simply comment below with any questions or comments!


Body Bar FLEX Program Update

We are beginning to shoot a series of instructional videos for the Body Bar FLEX.  The FLEX Basics DVD was a great start!  And, we have focused programming for our FIT 15 for KIDS, the OFFICE 10, SENIOR FIT, and the COLLEGIATE SERIES, as well as our new AquaFLEX, in the form of wall charts and files that can be downloaded from our website.

But, there are so many ways our creative professionals at Team Body Bar are using this versatile bar in show presentations, Group Ex, and for personal client training, we feel we need to show people the gazillion ways the Body Bar FLEX can be used.

The slideshow below includes screen captures from the video we shot at Evergreen (Colorado) Parks and Recreation Department’s beautiful Buchanan Park Center, with Michele Sodon (Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Coordinator, and Instructor – Evergreen Parks and Recreation District).  Thanks, Michele!

We plan to offer these Body Bar FLEX videos in numerous forms:  on our youtube channel, downloadable from our website, and on disk in mp4 format.  We will continually update and expand the series, so stay tuned!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, if there is a particular Body Bar FLEX move that YOU have come up with, send it our way in the form of a brief video and/or photos, and we will include it!

Autism Fitness and Body Bar

Body Bar, Inc. has been supporting the fitness industry with high-quality products and innovative programming for 25 years.

In addition to the typical uses of stretching, strengthening, and cardio for general fitness, our products are used for yoga, Pilates, flexibility, sport-specific training, with Parkinson’s patients, the wheelchair-bound, and for injury prehab/rehab – basically, anywhere our loyal and creative trainers and fitness professionals can use them to help their clients.

It is especially gratifying to see the wonderful work done by Eric Chessen of Autism Fitness, as he uses Body Bars to train his special athletes.

About Eric Chessen:

Eric Chessen, M.S., is the Founder of Autism Fitness, the Leading Authority in fitness for the Autism Population. Eric has spent a decade developing and delivering successful fitness programs for individuals on the autism spectrum. He is the creator of the Autism Fitness Toolbox, and in addition to working with his athletes, Eric consults, presents, and provides training worldwide to parents, educators, OT/PTs, behavior therapists, and fitness professionals.

Why and How Eric uses Body Bars:

“As my older athletes (10 years and up) progress in their strength and stability, I seek to broaden their physical abilities. The stronger and more capable they grow, the easier life’s daily physical challenges. If they are successful during out fitness session I am happy, but if they demonstrate a skill in a new environment or with a different person (instructor, parent), I am thrilled. The Body Bars offer just about everything I need in a piece of equipment; they are versatile, portable, safe, and can be adapted according to the ability of the athlete (whether I need a 4lb. or a 30lb. bar). The softer grip is great for younger athletes and those who have aversion to certain textures. All of my Autism Fitness athletes learn to squat in multiple ways, and I appreciate that during back squats the bars are comfortable for them to below the neck.

My athletes perform overhead squats, back squats, presses, and even hybrid Olympic lifts (power snatches and cleans), I am also a proponent of overhead carries. All of these we do with multiple objects to generalize the movement so it is not just performed with a single piece of equipment. The Body Bars have been an outstanding addition to my equipment selection, as they can be used for any of the previous exercises plus combo lifts, which not only develop strength endurance, but teach rhythm and provide a stimulus to the short-term memory center of the brain. The Body Bar is my go-to for teaching many of these exercises.”

For more information about Eric Chessen, please visit:

Or email him at:

Training the Proprioceptors to achieve Maximum Functional Performance of the Athlete by using DYNAMIC INERTIAL RESISTANCE Exercises with the Body Bar FLEX®

The body processes information from a variety of stimuli.  Proprioception is the automatic sensing mechanism in the body that sends messages throughout the central nervous system.  Proprioceptors are specialized sensory receptors found in muscles, tendons, joints, and the inner ear which enable the body to process the stimuli and turn that information into action.

These receptors relay information about motion or position, and make us aware of our body position and movement.  While unconscious initially, proprioception can be enhanced with training.  By focusing on the improvement of these specialized sensory receptors for specific athletic movement (e.g. throwing a football, swinging a baseball bat, shooting a basketball, or performing the golf swing, etc.), the athlete increases and improves the strength, balance, and coordination that are relevant to the performance of that movement.

Oscillatory movements of the Body Bar FLEX (called DYNAMIC INERTIAL RESISTANCE [D.I.R.] Exercise) involve holding the bar in the center –with either one or both hands– and shaking it, causing the ends of the bar to vibrate back-and-forth rapidly.  The hands and arms are held in various positions, offering a remarkably effective way to train the proprioceptors of various muscle groups, and condition them at the same time.

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The short, dynamic, inertia-based movements, coupled with the resistance inherent to the Body Bar FLEX, help bring the muscles to a heightened state of fatigue very quickly.  The design criteria of the bar make it particularly effective for D.I.R. exercises because the vibrations are dampened.  This means that the athlete must continually put more ‘work’ into the shaking process to keep the bar oscillating – in the up-and-down or side-to-side or back-and-forth movement the athlete desires.  According to one fitness professional:  “I get a much quicker ‘burn’ doing this routine!”  So, a D.I.R. workout can be brief, yet highly effective.

Additionally, the vibrating movement of the bar forces the athlete to apply isometric contractions of the torso –the abdominals, core, and lower back– and even the legs.  Isometrically challenging the torso and legs to remain relatively stable, in combination with the very rapid concentric and eccentric contractions of the muscles in response to the movements of the oscillating bar, aids in balance, enhances strength in other muscle groups, and improves quickness and coordination.

The science supports that oscillatory exercise enhances the performance of an athlete by training the sensory receptors located in the muscles and tendons – the proprioceptors.  Neuromuscular efficiency is achieved by improving the timing, efficiency, and speed of muscle contractions:  more effectively activating the right muscles at the right time.  The athlete shakes the Body Bar FLEX in a manner mimicking the movement in a particular sport.  This training targets specific multi-muscle movements necessary for shooting a basketball, throwing a baseball or football, swinging a golf club, etc., resulting in those movements being executed in a more controlled, effective, and efficient manner.

The Body Bar FLEX is an inexpensive and versatile device which can be used to gain the benefits of D.I.R. exercises.  Simple and effective drills, performed several times per week, will improve muscle strength and tone, balance, quickness, and coordination.  Incorporating D.I.R. training into the strength and conditioning program of the athlete will ensure performance at the peak of the athlete’s capabilities.

Visit to purchase the Body Bar FLEX as well as to access the drills specific to DYNAMIC INERTIAL RESISTANCE.  Or call 800-500-2030.

The Body Bar FLEX –Read what leading Fitness Professionals are saying about this versatile, effective Exercise Device!

You can do repetitions to develop strength and dynamic flexibility.  Or, simply hold it in an isometric contraction.  That helps develop joint stability as well as core conditioning.  But, one of my favorite things I love about the Body Bar FLEX is because it’s so light, you can move through three-dimensional movement patterns to develop functional mobility, stability, as well as strength and agility.  Basically, we’re training movement rather than muscle.

Lisa Wheeler

National Creative Manager for Group Fitness, Equinox Fitness Clubs

New York, NY




The Body Bar FLEX is a multi-faceted training tool for strength conditioning, flexibility, and joint stabilization.  It couples resistance training and mobility of the joints all in one.

My clients LOVE the Body Bar FLEX because:

●It is easy to store and take on trips.

●It’s effective; as results are seen within 3 weeks of using the FLEX on a continual basis.

●It is unlike any other traditional “resistance training tool”, as it creates long, lean muscle definition without putting too much stress on joints and ligaments.

Body Bar FLEXis all about range and plane change!  It’s an extremely effective tool for functional training in today’s environment.

●My clients are getting STRONGER and LEANER with Body Bar FLEX.

●It is fun and new!  And, the vibration series is a HUGE hit!!

As a personal trainer/fitness instructor, I use the Body Bar FLEX2-3 times a week in my own workouts and have gained a tremendous amount of strength in my shoulders and lats.  My arms are more lean, ripped and defined.  It’s the perfect fitness tool for shredding and chiseling.  I have my own Madonna arms now!!!”


April Garton

Joy Fitness

Los Angeles, CA




“I was really impressed with just how light the bar itself is.  It packs such tremendous resistance wrapped up in a solid rubber exterior.  I used it in the gym in-between sets of my 40 minute chest routine and the results were spectacular in terms of the pump I received, and the new burn my chest muscles felt.  I let most of the guys try it out, and everyone agreed the resistance was refreshingly challenging!”

Bruce Pechman

‘The Muscle Man of Technology’

Solana Beach, CA




“The Body Bar FLEXhas quickly become my favorite tool for my Pilates classes and clients.  It is the perfect piece of equipment for my mature clients because it is lightweight, bendable, fun, and easy to use.  The unique properties allow simultaneous gains in strength and flexibility necessary to perform vital functional skills.  Most importantly, it allows for fluid, dynamic movement patterns essential to life’s daily challenges, improving overall joint stability, posture, and balance in all planes of motion.  Gains in strength and flexibility can be accomplished in a variety of positions, even sitting in a chair!

Body Bar FLEXis the most versatile tool you will own.  Its unique bendable properties allow for gains in core strength in just about every exercise you choose to do.  It is the sensible solution for older adults – giving them the opportunity to increase strength and mobility with a product that is unweighted, non-intimidating, practical, and fun.  

I love working with the Body Bar FLEX.  Its versatility crosses generations, making it adaptable to anyone from kids to senior adults.  It is the one prop my clients can’t get enough of.”

June Kahn

June Kahn’s Bodyworks, LLC

Director of SENIOR-FIT Programming, Body Bar

Broomfield, CO



“The Body Bar FLEXis an essential piece of equipment for my Pilates classes.  I love it because it helps my clients develop better body awareness, enhance alignment ,and engage the correct muscles.  It simply makes them  feel the movements more and makes my instruction more effective.  Incredibly, my clients now ask to use the Body Bar FLEX in the Pilates classes!”

Abbie Appel

Pilates Institute of America Master Trainer

Boca Raton, FL       




“I love working with the Body Bar FLEX.  It allows me to move creatively in a variety of directions, fully integrating aspects of strength and flexibility, through a diverse range of motion.  I have found it great fun when working with all populations, from light-hearted kids to focus-minded adults!”

Lashaun Dale

Creative Manager of Group Fitness, Equinox Fitness Clubs

Director of KID-FIT Programming, Body Bar

Whitefish, MT




“The Body Bar FLEX can be used by virtually anyone, because it weighs so little, but you can still develop strength with it.  Kids can use it in a fun, playful way to develop functional skills.  Athletes use it in sports-specific ways, to develop strength and dynamic mobility.   And Seniors can use it to develop strength without weight, which is a critical functionality as we age.”

Sherry Catlin

Director of Program Development, Body Bar

Boston, MA



”As a martial arts, dance and performance artist of 30 years, I am always looking to maximize authentic muscle strength with versatility of movement.  I am truly impressed with the variety of movement that this training tool offers.  I am able to perform exercises that are classic in nature yet challenge me to use my expertise and allow for creativity in developing even more dynamic exercises based on martial arts and dance. The Body Bar FLEXis a unique training tool because it has flex!  I am a huge advocate of coupling resistance training with flexibility.  My clients have benefitted from using the Body Bar FLEX!

I love training Rihanna with the Body Bar FLEX because:

(a) We are able to travel easily with the compact tool

(b) The Body Bar FLEX has multiple uses.

(c) Artists get bored easily and with the Body Bar FLEX, I am able to get super creative and maintain the

Excitement and focus every artist craves!

(d) My girl is getting stronger!  Love that!

Ary Nunez

Gotham Global Fitness, LLC

Venia East

New York, NY

Try it yourself.  Get started today!

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