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Body Bar presents a few moves every Monday to get you ready for the week and cure your “case of the Mondays”. Have a move or want to request one? Email or respond to our blog!

Creative Trainer Joshua Marable Intro Continued

_MG_1274Joshua Marable is a creative althlete, model & trainer.  We wanted to share some of his work & you’ll see why we made him this month’s Creative Trainer!  Later this month, we’ll share with you his creative workouts with the Body Bar Flex.

About Joshua:

Joshua Marable, CEO of United World Fitness, Inc.

Facebook –

Twitter –

United World Fitness

United World Fitness, Inc. is a lifestyle company that engages in fitness media and education.  The corporation specializes in the development and production of innovative health related systems.  Interactive platforms are utilized for education, marketing, and distribution worldwide to individuals, groups, and communities.

Beyond the performance platform of stabilization, strength, and power, the systems of United World Fitness condition active awareness, proprioception, and adaptability.


Velox is an exercise system performed with a weighted bar and is for all fitness levels.  The movements center around controlled mobility, rotational strength, and power.  Begin slowly and focus on balance, symmetry, and awareness.  Once accustomed to the form, increase the velocity, tempo, and intensity of the movements.


Body Bar Flex Monday Move : Lat Pulldown


How To:

  • Grasp the upper end of the bar with your right hand behind your left shoulder.  Anchor the lower end of the bar at your left hip with your left hand.  Palms face forward
  • Exhale, engage your abs while pulling the bar down with your right hand until your hand is at chest level.  At the same time, press up slightly with your left hand.
  • Inhale and return to the start position

Muscles Worked:

Latissimus Dorsi

Key Points:

  • Keep feet hip width apart
  • Keep your torso erect throughout the movement, avoid bending forward.
  • Avoid dropping your head, keeping your gaze level.

Monday Move : Chest Press with Body Bar FLEX

How To:

  • Grasp the Body Bar FLEX at each end with palms down
  • Extend the bar in front of your body while bending your arms.
  • Exert enough force as is comfortable to bend the bar into a u-shape.  DO NOT bend the bar past the u-shape!
  • Focus on bringing the end of the bar towards each other while keeping the arms parallel

Muscles Worked:

  • Main Muscle – Pectoralis major
  • Pectoralis minor
  • Triceps brachii
  • Anterior deltoid

Key Points:

  • Keep your feet flat on the ground, shoulder width apart with knees slightly bent
  • Stand up straight keeping your shoulders back, focus on using your chest to perform the exercise
  • Tighten your core, concentrating on bringing your naval to your spine
  • Inhale as you straighten the bar, exhale as you bring the ends of the bar together
  • Do not lock your elbows when the bar is fully extended

Body Bar Monday Move : Bridge


The Bridge is an excellent Pilates exercise for torso stability.  This exercise will strengthen the butt and the back of the legs and also teaches core stability.  This is a safe exercise for a weak or injured back as well.  If you experience regular back pain (especially from sitting at a desk all day), this exercise can really help!

The Body Bar helps to add resistance to this classic move and is a great alignment tool!



Lie down on the floor and bend your knees so both feet are on the floor. Place the bar across the hips. Push through the heels and lift the buttocks off the floor. Roll your spine back onto the floor, one vertebrae at a time.  Make sure there is no gap between your lower back and the mat.  For an added challenge, you can lift one leg off the floor.  Your leg and back will be in the same alignment during the raising and lowering while keeping your foot flexed (toes to the sky).

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Body Bar Monday Move : Ab Crunch in Chair

We don’t always have time after work for a full exercise routine.  Luckily, Body Bars don’t take up a lot of room so you can take them to the office to get in little workouts throughout the day.  We especially love using the Body Bar Flex in the office.

Today we’re going to focus on strengthening the abs using the Body Bar Flex.  This exercise will also target the shoulders, chest, and arms.

  • Sit at the edge of a sturdy chair, with feet hip width apart. Place the Body BarFLEX ®on top of the thighs and hold ends, palms facing down.
  • While exhaling, draw the abdominals tightly inwards, press down on bar, and curl the spine forward.
  • Maintain a soft grip with the hands, feet firmly on floor, and arms straight. Inhale and keep control while slowly returning to the upright position
  • Perform 15 to 20 repetitions.


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Body Bar Monday Move : Moderate Total Body Exercise

Last week we started off with the beginner version of this total body exercise.  This week we’re going to add a few elements to make this exercise a little more challenging for those who are in a more advanced stage of their fitness.

During each position, be sure to brace your core and concentrate on your shoulders.  At no time should they roll forward or be in a shrugging position.

Position 1: Single-Leg Deadlift (one-arm grip)


Begin with your feet hip distance apart.  Place the Body Bar in one hand, down next to your thigh with the elbow extended.  With a slight bend in the knees, begin to move the hips back and the chest forward to drop the bar slightly below the knees.  Simultaneously, elevate one leg behind you as the chest is coming forward.  Return to starting positon.

Note: Keep your back long and make sure you are not rounding the spine as you lean forward.

Position 2: Bent Over Row


With your feet still hip distance apart, position the bar to the side of your body hanging straight down.  Tilt from the hips and let the bar hang at your knees.  Bend the elbow and pull back to bring the bar in towards the crease of your hip.  Elbow should be tucked in close to the side.  Extend the elbow to return to the starting position.

Note: Concentrate on your shoulder blades, imagining that you’re pinching a quarter as you bring your elbow back.  Do not roll your shoulders forward.

Position 3: One Arm Bicep Curl


The opposite hand can assist by holding lightly at the opposite end of the bar.  Start with the bar resting at the thighs with the elbows slightly in front of the body.  Bend the elbows to bring the bar up towards the shoulder without letting the elbows move behind the body.  Do not return to starting position

Position 4: Overhead One Arm Shoulder Press


While still in the flexed position of the bicep curl, rotate your hand so the bar is on your shoulder lengthwise.  Extend the elbow and press the bar straight up from the shoulder.  Your bicep and ear should be in alignment while your shoulder blades are contracted together.  Bring the bar back down to your shoulder.  Rotate the bar so you are now in the end position of the bicep curl.  Extend the elbow so the bar is at the starting position of the bicep curl.

Repeat this sequence on one side 8-12 times and repeat on the other side.  You can perform 2-3 sets.

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Body Bar Monday Move : Beginner Total Body Exercise

This move is a great way to add in some weight lifting & burn extra calories without taking up a lot of time.  We’ve put together a full body move to target legs, biceps, shoulders and triceps.  This week we focus on a more beginner move to get down some basic exercises, gain some stability & build a good foundation:

Position 1: Squat


Have your palms facing towards you with feet about hip distance apart and gripping at shoulder width.  Place the bar right above the knees.  Push the hips back while you bend the knees like you’re sitting on a chair.  Keep your wait on your heels, it helps to lift your toes a little.  Push through the heels and extend the knees.

Position 2 : Reverse Bicep Curl


Raise the bar with the elbows slightly in front of the body.  Bring the bar up towards your shoulders without letting the elbows move behind the body.  You can also switch your grip for a regular bicep curl.

Position 3: Overhead Press


While the bar is still in the curling position, lift the bar above your head.

Position 4: Triceps Extension


Now that the bar is above your head, bend your elbow to allow the bar to drop behind your head.  Be sure to keep the elbows pointing straight forward.  Extend the elbows to return to the starting position.

To Finish

The bar will be back over your head in the shoulder press position, bring the bar back down to your chest so you are now in the bicep curl position.  Extend your elbows so the bar rest back on your thighs.  This is one rep.  Repeat 12-15 times 1-2 Sets.

Stay tuned for next week’s total body exercise, we’ll be adding some modifications to up the difficulty!

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