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The ‘SPORT ZONE’ Workout on DVD

SPORT ZONE is a dynamic Body Bar workout to build fitness skills required for sports performance.  It uses unique exercises to develop power, endurance, strength, and body awareness in an easily-followed interval training format.

Through repetition, controlled speed, and mental focus, instructors LASHAUN DALE and CAREY BOND engage you in a challenging, effective, 60-minute training workout.  Here’s what Lashaun has say:

SPORT ZONE is one of my favorite DVD workouts of any I’ve done in my entire career.  It was very special to collaborate with Carey Bond; a highly skilled and diverse athlete who gives such passion and amazing authenticity to the program design, as well as a practical and critical eye to the functional application of the workout.  This program is a highly innovative workout, combining real life movement patterns with resistance and directed cues, alignment, and breathing.  It is a killer workout for cardio, strength, and targeted flexibility!”

By performing the SPORT ZONE workout, your core strength and body awareness will be increased.  This video is one of many in the Body Bar ‘MASTER YOUR BODY’ DVD Series.

To order SPORT ZONE, and other great video workouts, visit the Body Bar Web Store: and check out this sample video.

June Kahn presents a Pilates / Yoga Fusion Class using the Body Bar FLEX ®

June Kahn, 2009/2010 IDEA WORLD Fitness Instructor of the Year, presented an exciting new program at the recent AAAI/ISMA ‘ONE WORLD’ Conference in Colorado Springs.

Here is how June describes her session:

Buddha Bar FLEX is an elegant blend of Pilates, Yoga, and Dance, using the unique bendable properties of the Body Bar FLEX.

The Body Bar FLEX is used as a tool to assist and enhance more core engagement, as well as challenge balance to enhance proprioception that will balance your body with power and grace.

Incorporating the Body Bar FLEX with traditional Pilates standing, kneeling, prone, seated, and supine progressions allows one to enhance core strength and improve rotational properties all while adding a distinctive  graceful flow to the series.  For Yoga, we incorporate the Body Bar FLEX in the traditional undulating Sun Salutation series, adding an upper body strength component as well as adding balance and strength challenges to the traditional Yoga poses.  We also use the Body Bar FLEX as an assistance tool for flexibility and utilize the Dynamic Inertia (shaking) properties of the bar with the Classical Pilates Hundred series.”


It really went well and I am happy that we were able to create and deliver something new, graceful and unique!”

Take June’s Buddha Bar Flex Class using the Body Bar FLEX during the DCAC Fitness Convention in Houston, Texas, April 7-9.
Visit June’s website at

And, visit to learn more about the versatile Body Bar FLEX.

Dynamic Inertial Resistance Exercises With The Body Bar FLEX®


using the Body Bar FLEX® help Balance, Strength & Coordination

The Body Bar FLEX is unique as a fitness device, in that it enables the user to perform exercise movements in ways that are not possible with traditional exercise equipment.  This lightweight and flexible exercise tool can be used to stretch and strengthen various, but specific, muscle groups:  firming, toning, and conditioning the legs, upper body, and abdominals.

DYNAMIC INERTIAL RESISTANCE [D.I.R.] exercises involve holding the bar in the center –with either one or both hands– and shaking it, causing the bar to vibrate rapidly.  The hands and arms are held in various positions, offering a remarkably effective way to strengthen and tone the short fiber muscles of various muscle groups, and condition them at the same time.

The short, dynamic, inertia-based movements, coupled with the resistance inherent to the Body Bar FLEX, help bring the muscles to a heightened state of fatigue, and very quickly.  According to one fitness professional:  “I get a much quicker ‘burn’ doing this routine!”

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, the vibrating movement of the bar forces the user to apply isometric contractions of the torso –the abdominals, core, and lower back– and even the legs.  Isometrically challenging the torso and legs to remain relatively stable, in combination with the concentric and eccentric movements of the shaking bar, aids in balance, enhances strength in other muscle groups, and improves coordination.

The design criteria of the Body Bar FLEX make it particularly effective for D.I.R. exercises, in that the vibrations are dampened.  This means that the user must continually put more ‘work’ into the shaking process to keep the bar vibrating at whatever frequency (the up-and-down or side-to-side or back-and-forth movement) the user desires.  In other product designs, it takes very little additional force to continue the vibrating motion.

The dampening of the Body Bar FLEX design comes from the fact that there is a pultruded fiberglass bar fitting loosely inside a flexible extruded plastic tube.  The flexible plastic tube dampens the vibrating action of the fiberglass bar.  And, because the fiberglass bar is free to rotate inside the tube, the user can change ‘shaking directions’ and the fiberglass bar will ‘self orient’ itself:  repositioning of the hands on a grip is not necessary.

Body Bar FLEX is an inexpensive, and versatile, device which can be used to gain the benefits of D.I.R. exercises.  Simple and effective drills, performed several times per week, will improve muscle strength, tone, balance, and coordination.

Visit here to learn more about the Body Bar FLEX and access the drills specific to DYNAMIC INERTIAL RESISTANCE.

When Is A Body Bar Not A Body Bar®?

A body bar is a classic fitness tool; a simple, one-piece solid steel, weighted fitness bar encased in rubber for a secure and comfortable grip.  User friendly, cost effective and versatile, this ‘weighted exercise bar’ can be used not only in group exercise and the fitness center, but also for personal training, physical therapy, and home workouts.

Body Bar, Inc., of Boulder, Colorado, originated the concept in 1987.  We use only the best materials of construction available.  We pay strict attention to detail during the manufacturing process.

There are many similar products on the market, but it is our belief that the ORIGINAL Body Bar® is the finest ‘weighted exercise bar’ on the market.  And, in addition to supplying products of the highest quality, we support those products with top-notch education in the form of DVD’s, manuals, master classes, and ongoing trainings.

We have been supporting the fitness industry with high-quality products and innovative programming for over 20 years.  The Body Bar® can be found in over 20,000 clubs, personal training studios, physical therapy centers, spas, military bases, high schools, colleges, and homes worldwide.

Kimberly-Clark, Inc. created the first ‘facial tissue’ and called it Kleenex.  The popularity of the product has led to the use of its name to refer to any facial tissue, regardless of the brand.

We know the ‘weighted exercise bar’ the best.  Body Bar invented it!

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