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Risky Chemicals You are Exposed to Everyday

Every day we’re continually exposed to toxins in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the items we touch. Learning more about these potentially harmful chemicals can be critical for making decisions to protect long-term health. As with any subject, toxins are best understood through a little history.

Toxins—or xenobiotics—have always been part of the natural environment. Many of them are made by plants, bacteria, and animals as defenses to keep predators at bay. The greater the abundance of toxins in a species, the more likely they will survive. This natural arms race has produced millions of different kinds of toxins including venoms and poisons.

The act of living itself also comes to us at a cost. Toxins are produced within the human body from simply being alive day to day. Toxins may, at times, be used to battle foreign bacteria or viruses. These can cause harm as they work to protect the body, but after their job is done, they are detoxified through biochemical processes.

The Dangers of Toxic Build Up
In our modern environment, pollution and food processing has increased our toxic load considerably. Humans have added thousands of new chemicals that pollute our air and water. These toxins can often end up in our foods, not just in plants, but concentrated in the animals that we eat. Food is also laden with chemicals in form of pesticides, processing agents and artificial ingredients.

Continual flow of pollutants into water sources increases our risk of exposure to toxins.  As our bodies are endlessly exposed to toxins, the toxins can overwhelm the body’s natural detoxification defenses. A slow accumulation of toxins in our bodies may eventually disturb our natural processes.

It only adds to our toxic load when—in an age where portion sizes have grown out of proportion—we eat a lot more food than ever before. Most of the foods available are designed, not to support us nutritionally, but to appeal to the power of our taste buds. Our busy schedules have also made processed foods all the more convenient, adding to the waistline-expanding potential of sedentary lifestyles, and putting further burden on our bodies.

Pesticides – What’s Hiding on Your Produce?
A farmer’s biggest enemy is anything that will harm his crops before it’s time to harvest. That’s why guarding against pests and insects is so important in the agricultural industry. But, unfortunately for consumers, the cheapest and easiest way to deal with pests is often by using chemical sprays known as pesticides. These chemicals are sprayed on fields of produce to keep bugs and other pests away, and plants absorb some of those chemicals during the growing process. While that leads to better growing results for the farmer, it may lead to adverse effects for you. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are “acceptable” levels of pesticides found in the food you buy at the grocery store.

But the produce section isn’t the only place you’ll find pesticides. When farmers spray their fields, some of the pesticides make it into rivers and streams thanks to run-off, or seep into the ground and make it to the water table. While most municipalities test their drinking water periodically, if you’re on a well system, there’s no way to know what levels of pesticides you’re getting in your water without getting it tested.

What’s the Body to Do?
The human body has had to adapt over the generations to removing varying toxic loads. Our bodies come equipped with powerful protections in forms of detoxification or cleansing systems. They are found throughout the body: in the stomach, the intestine, the liver and the kidneys.

The liver is a primary detoxification organ, metabolizing thousands of different chemicals we’re exposed to daily. Much of what we eat must pass through our livers. As the liver breaks nutrients down, it also metabolizes toxic substances. In most cases, these toxins are cleared from the blood, then eliminated through bile or urine. At other times, they can become stored in fat.

In addition, each individual cell contains its own inherent protections from the daily stresses of simply living. These include powerful detoxification and antioxidant enzymes, which help maintain cellular integrity so that the cell may function appropriately.

Nutritional Cleansing Assists the Liver, a Primary Detoxifier.
Our ancestors found ways to enhance many of the body’s internal detoxification and cleansing systems. These nutritional cleansing methods, which have been around for thousands of years, are only now beginning to be understood. A common practice was the use of fasting along with herbal teas or special botanicals. The reduced food intake would allow the body to purify itself through rest and renewal. Botanicals such as aloe gel, licorice root and ashwaghanda root contain bioactives that encourage detoxification within the liver and in the individual cells.

Age-old traditions of nutritional cleansing have now been combined with modern technologies. Isagenix is a company that has achieved this task with Cleanse for Life®, a drink specialized to support the liver, the immune system and cellular health with vitamins, herbal teas and other botanical ingredients. The ingredients were chosen to help protect the body from daily pollutants and promote their detoxification.
It’s almost impossible to know what’s getting into your body and the health effects. It’s equally impossible to try and shield yourself from all the toxins and impurities that exist in today’s world. That’s why regular cleansing with the Isagenix Cleanse for Life system is so essential.

As a dietary supplement, Cleanse for Life can be taken daily for nourishment to help deal with daily toxic load and stresses. Alternatively, when taken as guided in the Cleansing and Fat Burning System—a program rich in nutrition and low in calories—one can reap benefits of “deep cleansing” and a sound approach to weight management.

By giving your body the essential nutrients it needs to clean your system naturally, Cleanse for Life isn’t a diuretic or laxative like other cleansing products. Instead, it helps flush out unwanted toxins naturally, cleansing your body on the cellular level and giving you the energy you need to get through your day. Discover health and wellness you never knew was possible with Cleanse for Life.

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The SENIOR FIT Workout using the Body Bar FLEX – a wonderful exercise program, ideal for Active Adults!

The Body Bar FLEX SENIOR FIT program is a fun, energizing exercise curriculum. It uses safe, effective, integrated movement patterns designed to improve the functional skills of daily living, and enhance range of motion, balance, strength, and flexibility.

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Pop, Hip Hop, and R&B recording artist RIHANNA uses Body Bars to train for her ’Last Girl on Earth‘ Tour!

Read what Ary Nunez, personal trainer for Rihanna and others, says about using Body Bar weighted bars, strength bands, and the Body Bar FLEX® for her clients.

The Body Bar combined with the Body Bar Strength Bands is such an exceptional training tool.  As a martial arts, dance, and performance artist of 30 years, I am always looking to maximize authentic muscle strength with versatility of movement. I am truly impressed with the variety of movement that this training tool offers. I am able to perform exercises that are classic in nature yet challenge me to use my expertise and allow for creativity in developing even more dynamic exercises based on martial arts and dance.

The Body Bar FLEX is a unique training tool because it has flex!  I am a huge advocate of coupling resistance training with flexibility. My clients have benefitted from using the Body Bar FLEX!

I love training Rihanna with the Body Bar because:

(a) We are able to travel easily with the compact tool.

(b) The Body Bar has multiple uses.

(c) Artists get bored easily and with the Body Bar, I am able to get super creative and maintain the

excitement and focus every artist craves!

(d) My girl is getting stronger! Love that!

Ary Nunez

Gotham Global Fitness, LLC

Jersey City, NJ

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Body Bar Presenters at DCAC-Houston!

Once again, Body Bar has a great line-up of talented and well-known fitness professionals presenting at the DCAC Fitness Convention in Houston, Texas, April 6-9.

Thursday:  Body Bar FLEX Pre-Con with June Kahn.  A cutting edge workshop that introduces the Body Bar FLEX.  In June’s 4-hour course, attendees will learn:

●An understanding of the design of the bar       ●Basic grips, bar placement, a safety guidelines

●Exercises for total body conditioning                ●Yoga and Pilates poses and exercises

●Proper cueing techniques                   ●How to use the bar as assistance as well as resistance

●How to design full classes                               ●How the bar is perfect for all populations

Friday:  Body Bar Balance Infused Strength with Keli Roberts.  Keli uses Gliding Discs, the Body Bar, and the Bender Ball to create a training environment that allows for the perfect blend of balance infused strength.

Saturday:  Body Bar Cut To The Core with Keli Roberts.  Keli introduces an all new functional training program designed to improve core muscular strength/endurance, stability, mobility, and definition.

Saturday:  Body Bar Functional Fusion with Leslee Bender.  Leslee presents a unique blend of tri-plane movement sequences with the Body Bar FLEX for a completely new approach in functional training.

Saturday:  Body Bar Buddha Bar FLEX with June Kahn.  June displays an elegant blend of Pilates, yoga, and dances, as well as core training that will balance the body – strength/flexibility, stability/mobility, power/grace, and mind/body.

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