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5 Ways to Drink More Water

1) Dinning Out?

Replace your usual meal accompaniment with water and you’ll probably save your wallet too! Most restaurants have a water filtration system and offer water for free; it’s a win-win scenario!

2) Curb Your Cravings!

A serving of 16oz of water before a meal can help you eat less because of the volume it takes up in your gut.  According to a 2010 study in the journal Obesity, this water bottle sized serving of water helped participants lose weight if consistently consumed before normal meal time, and the regular consumption of water helped them curb snacking and grazing too.

3) There’s an App for That!

Apps like Waterlogged (iPhone) and Water Your Body (iPhone and Android) help remind you to drink water throughout the day with notifications or alerts. Don’t want a noisy phone? Remember to keep a water bottle with you at all times and you’ll be more likely to be conscious of your ability to empty it!

4) Add Some Flavor.

Skip the artificially flavored and fake sugar additives and try something natural to add some zest to your drink. Fresh slices of watermelon and mint sprigs or chunks of oranges left soaking in your water for a few hours create naturally refreshing drink that’s delicious!  Click here to get the recipes of the flavored waters pictured.

5) Add Some Spice to Your Life!

Incorporating spicy foods into your meals will have you reaching for your water glass more frequently to cool off your taste buds. Additionally hot peppers and spices have been shown to give your metabolism a tiny boost!

Is your old water bottle drab? Does your water drinking need a face-lift? Here’s some new and hot water bottles on the market that will be sure to get you sipping!

* Klean Kanteen – stainless steel water bottles:

*Water Bobble – a neat bottle with a built in carbon filter:

*Lifefactory Glass Bottle – a colorful silicone sleeve wraps a wide mouth glass bottle:


Get More Sleep & Curb the Cravings

Want to curb your fast food appetite? Those who get less sleep crave more junk!

According to recently published article in Nature Communications (Berkeley Calif,), participants in a behavioral study showed that after a sleepless or short night of rest, their sleep-deprived brains showed less capacity to make good choices and were more inclined to make hasty or last minute decisions when it came to meal time. Matthew Walker of the University of California, Berkeley, measured people’s food choices and imaged their brain activity after a full night’s sleep and after a night with little to no sleep.
Poor eating choices included settling less for healthy eating scenarios and more for what would be categorized as “comfort eating.” In comparison participants that received a full 7 to 9 hours of sleep had a higher capacity of control and did not make as many impulsive eating choices when it came to junk food and fast food.

Get more sleep, eat less junk!

Need help getting to sleep?  Click here for a list of foods to eat and what not to eat provided by Fitness Magazine.