Trainer like an Olympic Curler with Body Bar

At first glance Curling may just seem like an over-sized version of shuffle board.  In reality, this sport requires athletes to have amazing flexibility and endurance.  To get in and out of a delivery posture and keep themselves upright in it, curlers need strong legs and limber hip flexors.  They also need to have a strong core to stabilize themselves while gliding on the ice only using brooms and gliders to steady themselves.  So we have come to the conclusion that Olympic curlers need great flexibility, strength and stability.  And yoga is great for developing all three!

This Body Bar exercise involves a classic yoga move plus the extra challenge of adding weight.  The Warrior sequence builds leg strength while opening up the hips and engaging the abdominals.

Warrior Sequence with the Mini Body Bar

Be sure to follow your breath through this sequence.  Warrior I usually starts with a breath in, Warrior II a breath out and Reverse Warrior breath in and so on. You can hold the pose for 3-5 breaths.

DSC00331 DSC00333

Warrior I : The Mini Body Bar should be raised to shoulder height.  Make sure your knee does not go past your ankle.

Warrior II : Spin your back foot so that it now perpendicular to your front foot.  The Mini Bar will remain in the same front hand at shoulder height and your other arm will now raise to the same height.

Reverse Warrior: Raise the Mini Body Bar overhead as your back hand slides down your back leg.  Make sure you keep your knee at a 90 degree angle

EXTRA CHALLENGE Warrior III:  Move into this balancing pose by slowly lifting your back leg off the ground while bringing your Mini Body Bar in front of you.

To end the sequence return to Warrior I, place the bar on the ground as you bend forward at the hips.  Step your front leg back so that you are now in downward dog.  Breath in that position for about 5 breaths then switch legs and arms and return to Warrior I to repeat on the other side.

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