Train like a Skeleton Athlete with Body Bar Flex & Body Bar

Skeleton is one of the most dangerous fast-paced winter Olympic event.  Imagine hurling yourself down an ice tube face first on a one person sled with chances of reaching 5g’s.  .  One of the most important elements in training for the Skeleton event is power and strength.  The athlete needs to have the power to get a great push start plus the strength to endure the high speeds they’ll reach.  A common exercise that these athletes preform is the Hang Clean & Jerk.  This moves requires the athlete to no only have the strength to lift the weight from the ground but the power to quickly jerk the bar above the head.

This move for beginners can be a little overwhelming since it does involve fast jerking motions and a decent amount of weight.  As with any exercise, form is the most important element to ensure that the proper muscles are being used and most importantly to prevent injury.  The Body Bar Flex Collegiate Series is a great way to make sure your form is flawless before adding weight.

Body Bar Flex – Hang Clean & Jerk (click on image for larger view)


Once you have mastered the form, move up to a weighted Body Bar!

Click HERE to purchase The Body Bar Flex Collegiate Series


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