Train like a Luger with Body Bar

Luge athletes go through rigurous cardiovascular and total-body strength training.  The most important component of their training revolves around their core strength.  Without it, they would not be able to stabilize their body and sled while whipping down the course at an average of 87 miles per hour.  The fastest recorded speed is 95.6 mph by Austria’s Manuel Pfister in 2010.  This Body Bar exercise will not only engage your core but give you an overall total-body exercise.

Body Bar Side Plank with Row & Press

Performed with a Mini Body Bar

1.  Begin in a regular plank position (one knee down for beginners) with the Body Bar down to begin the row


2.  Row the Body Bar while squeezing your shoulder blades together, making sure your core is engaged.


3.  Press the Body Bar up as you perform a side plank, feet stacked and core tight & your body in line.  Be sure not to drop your hips.


4.  For an harder modification, you can stack your feet in the side plank position

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