Creative Trainer Joshua Marable Intro Continued

_MG_1274Joshua Marable is a creative althlete, model & trainer.  We wanted to share some of his work & you’ll see why we made him this month’s Creative Trainer!  Later this month, we’ll share with you his creative workouts with the Body Bar Flex.

About Joshua:

Joshua Marable, CEO of United World Fitness, Inc.

Facebook –

Twitter –

United World Fitness

United World Fitness, Inc. is a lifestyle company that engages in fitness media and education.  The corporation specializes in the development and production of innovative health related systems.  Interactive platforms are utilized for education, marketing, and distribution worldwide to individuals, groups, and communities.

Beyond the performance platform of stabilization, strength, and power, the systems of United World Fitness condition active awareness, proprioception, and adaptability.


Velox is an exercise system performed with a weighted bar and is for all fitness levels.  The movements center around controlled mobility, rotational strength, and power.  Begin slowly and focus on balance, symmetry, and awareness.  Once accustomed to the form, increase the velocity, tempo, and intensity of the movements.


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