Carly Newson’s Fitness Advice

Body Bar Advice:

‘I use the Body Bar with my clients as its a great piece of equipment that enhances resistance and is fun to use. Making your workouts fun and enjoyable is half the battle! The Body Bar can be used to gain strength, condition, balance and can aid flexibility. 
At present, i’m using the Body Bar in my HIIT (high intensity interval training) Classes, i set five different exercises with the bar – 45 seconds on, 15 seconds recovery 4-5 rounds through. It is therefore a great piece of equipment to use within a class environment and one to one personal training or even a home workout session.’
Fitness Advice
‘Varying your workouts and changing up your routine is the key to keeping your body guessing! This is vital if you want to improve and enhance your body as you’re shocking your body into something different so it doesn’t plateau. Regular changes in your workouts are essential for long term growth so make sure you switch up your exercises, increase intensity, introduce drop sets and tempo changes and change the use of equipment! It’s always a challenge to keep your workouts exciting so make sure you spice up your workout!’

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