Big Holidays, Small Plates

The holiday is upon us!  There are ways to enjoy the holiday meals without overindulging.  Most of us have been there, we have overindulged:  belly is too full, bloated, and just feel plain gross.  Portion control is important year round but especially when holiday food is around.  You’ve worked hard all year – don’t let yourself down around the holidays.  Remember the feeling when you eat too much, now remember the feeling when you succeed in a challenging/tempting situation.  You are in control of how you will feel after the meal.  Here are some ideas and strategies to keep in mind:

  1. Eat normal, small meals and snacks leading up to the holiday meal.
  2. Drink water.  This is especially important when drinking alcohol.  Carry a water bottle with you all day.
  3. Choose a smaller plate.  A full 12 inch plate has a lot more calories than a full eight or nine inch plate!
  4.  Load up on veggie dish but watch out of creams and sauces.
  5. Share dessert and just have a bite or two rather than a whole sampler plate.
  6. Move your body! Even if it is short walks throughout the day – get moving!
  7. Most of all: be mindful.  Mindful of what you are putting in your body, how much, and how it is making you feel.

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