Body Bar Monday Move : Bridge


The Bridge is an excellent Pilates exercise for torso stability.  This exercise will strengthen the butt and the back of the legs and also teaches core stability.  This is a safe exercise for a weak or injured back as well.  If you experience regular back pain (especially from sitting at a desk all day), this exercise can really help!

The Body Bar helps to add resistance to this classic move and is a great alignment tool!



Lie down on the floor and bend your knees so both feet are on the floor. Place the bar across the hips. Push through the heels and lift the buttocks off the floor. Roll your spine back onto the floor, one vertebrae at a time.  Make sure there is no gap between your lower back and the mat.  For an added challenge, you can lift one leg off the floor.  Your leg and back will be in the same alignment during the raising and lowering while keeping your foot flexed (toes to the sky).

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