Holiday Health

The holidays can be a challenging time for losing weight or maintaining body composition.  It is important to acknowledge the challenges, have strategies for overcoming them, and enlist a support team for along the way!

This time of year means more parties, more social time, extra food around the home or office, less time to work out, and less sleep because of holiday obligations.  Get prepared because they are here, ready or not!

Here are some strategies & tips to help along the way:

  1. Inline image 4After hosting a party, get rid of the leftovers right away.  Give them away to party attendees, take them to work, or simply throw them out.  High calorie, sugary foods do not need to be lying around for random snacking.
  2. More parties = more alcohol.   With every adult beverage, accompany it with equal amounts of water.  Have a goal when entering in the situation and be very mindful.
  3. Move away from the food table.  Chat, mingle, dance or whatever it takes to get the snacks out of sight.
  4. Bring a healthy option to parties.  This way there’s at least one healthy option to choose.
  5. Make a workout schedule at the beginning of the week and stick to it.  Take this time to do something great for your body – every person deserves this time!  Set alarms, calendar reminders, or schedule sessions; whatever it takes to get there and workout!  Exercising will increase energy and help maintain or lose weight throughout this challenging time.
  6. Sleep! Back to the basics people – set a bedtime and stick to it!  Days will ultimately be more productive and energized with a goods nights rest to fuel activities.  Aim for seven to eight hours per night.
  7. Last but not least, enlist a support team.  Tell friends, family, coaches or trainers, and workout partners about your goals, challenges, and schedules.  There is more accountability when other people are involved.  Offer other people the same support system – win, win!

Good luck this holiday season! Stay strong!


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