Body Bar Monday Move : Ab Crunch in Chair

We don’t always have time after work for a full exercise routine.  Luckily, Body Bars don’t take up a lot of room so you can take them to the office to get in little workouts throughout the day.  We especially love using the Body Bar Flex in the office.

Today we’re going to focus on strengthening the abs using the Body Bar Flex.  This exercise will also target the shoulders, chest, and arms.

  • Sit at the edge of a sturdy chair, with feet hip width apart. Place the Body BarFLEX ®on top of the thighs and hold ends, palms facing down.
  • While exhaling, draw the abdominals tightly inwards, press down on bar, and curl the spine forward.
  • Maintain a soft grip with the hands, feet firmly on floor, and arms straight. Inhale and keep control while slowly returning to the upright position
  • Perform 15 to 20 repetitions.


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