Body Bar’s Review of FitnessFest 2012 in Tuscon, AZ

The fitness shows are a very important part of the Body Bar marketing program.  We always bring in first-class presenters to show the latest programming for Body Bars and the Body Bar FLEX…and now our new AquaFLEX bar!  Once again, the FitnessFest Show in Tucson was a great success for us.

We generated a lot of enthusiasm, through excellent participation in classes given by Sherry Catlin, June Kahn, and MaryAnn Briggs.  Sherry showed how one can get a great workout using both the Body Bar and the Body Bar FLEX, in her ‘Lean Mean Legs’ and ‘Tabata’ sessions.  June presented her ‘Senior Fit’ programming, giving lots of moves for the FLEX that can be used by our actively aging population to improve strength, balance, and flexibility.  Then, we (well…MaryAnn actually) dove into the pool to present our brand new AquaFLEX bar and workout for water fitness.

Once again, Janice, Gretchen, Libby and the entire FitnessFest crew made us feel welcome and valued as a part of their show.  And, it didn’t hurt that it snowed in Boulder while we were hanging out in warm, sunny Tucson!


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