Fitness Friday : Beat the Heat Wave

Summer temperatures around the nation have been reaching the upper 90’s and forcing most fitness enthusiast indoors.  The heat can really hinder one’s desire to work out especially when you can break a sweat just walking to the car.  So how can you beat the heat this summer and still get your workout in?  Below are a few tips followed by a full Body Bar workout you can do at home and a Body Bar Flex workout you can do in the pool!


1) Stay hydrated!  Nothing is better than downing some water before and after a workout.  Although sports drinks can help, they often are filled with sugar and other chemicals that won’t hydrate you.  Water will always be the best choice.

2) Pay attention to your body.  What may look like regular exhaustion may actually be heat exhaustion.  Make sure you perform a proper warm up and cool down after any outdoor activity while paying close attention to how you feel.  If there are any signs of dizziness, slow down, drink some water and find some shade.

3) Slow Down.  We all want to stick to our workout plans but if your plan requires you to be outside, lower your intensity.  It’s ok to vary your routine.

4) Time it.  Try waking up earlier or working out towards dusk for your workouts.  The temperature will not be at its high and there will be less direct sun exposure.

5) Dress right.  A lot of people think that working out with your shirt off is the best way to fend off the heat.  A better option is to wear clothes that will help wick away the moisture and even keep the sun off your skin.  A lot of outdoor clothing even have UPF protection.  Be sure to wear sunscreen and reapply if you’re out for more than 2 hours especially if you are swimming.


Body Bar and the Body Bar Flex are great tools to use indoors either at the gym, at home or even at the office.  This can be critical during the scorching summers.  You won’t have to risk sunburns, heat exhaustion or burn out.  Can’t stand being inside when its gorgeous out even if it is extremely hot outside?  We also have a workout you can do in your pool with the Body Bar Flex!  Stay cool and get fit while enjoying the outdoors!

Body Bar Indoor Full Body Workout

Body Bar AquaFLEX Full Body Workout


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