Body Bar FLEX Program Update

We are beginning to shoot a series of instructional videos for the Body Bar FLEX.  The FLEX Basics DVD was a great start!  And, we have focused programming for our FIT 15 for KIDS, the OFFICE 10, SENIOR FIT, and the COLLEGIATE SERIES, as well as our new AquaFLEX, in the form of wall charts and files that can be downloaded from our website.

But, there are so many ways our creative professionals at Team Body Bar are using this versatile bar in show presentations, Group Ex, and for personal client training, we feel we need to show people the gazillion ways the Body Bar FLEX can be used.

The slideshow below includes screen captures from the video we shot at Evergreen (Colorado) Parks and Recreation Department’s beautiful Buchanan Park Center, with Michele Sodon (Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Coordinator, and Instructor – Evergreen Parks and Recreation District).  Thanks, Michele!

We plan to offer these Body Bar FLEX videos in numerous forms:  on our youtube channel, downloadable from our website, and on disk in mp4 format.  We will continually update and expand the series, so stay tuned!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, if there is a particular Body Bar FLEX move that YOU have come up with, send it our way in the form of a brief video and/or photos, and we will include it!


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