Autism Fitness and Body Bar

Body Bar, Inc. has been supporting the fitness industry with high-quality products and innovative programming for 25 years.

In addition to the typical uses of stretching, strengthening, and cardio for general fitness, our products are used for yoga, Pilates, flexibility, sport-specific training, with Parkinson’s patients, the wheelchair-bound, and for injury prehab/rehab – basically, anywhere our loyal and creative trainers and fitness professionals can use them to help their clients.

It is especially gratifying to see the wonderful work done by Eric Chessen of Autism Fitness, as he uses Body Bars to train his special athletes.

About Eric Chessen:

Eric Chessen, M.S., is the Founder of Autism Fitness, the Leading Authority in fitness for the Autism Population. Eric has spent a decade developing and delivering successful fitness programs for individuals on the autism spectrum. He is the creator of the Autism Fitness Toolbox, and in addition to working with his athletes, Eric consults, presents, and provides training worldwide to parents, educators, OT/PTs, behavior therapists, and fitness professionals.

Why and How Eric uses Body Bars:

“As my older athletes (10 years and up) progress in their strength and stability, I seek to broaden their physical abilities. The stronger and more capable they grow, the easier life’s daily physical challenges. If they are successful during out fitness session I am happy, but if they demonstrate a skill in a new environment or with a different person (instructor, parent), I am thrilled. The Body Bars offer just about everything I need in a piece of equipment; they are versatile, portable, safe, and can be adapted according to the ability of the athlete (whether I need a 4lb. or a 30lb. bar). The softer grip is great for younger athletes and those who have aversion to certain textures. All of my Autism Fitness athletes learn to squat in multiple ways, and I appreciate that during back squats the bars are comfortable for them to below the neck.

My athletes perform overhead squats, back squats, presses, and even hybrid Olympic lifts (power snatches and cleans), I am also a proponent of overhead carries. All of these we do with multiple objects to generalize the movement so it is not just performed with a single piece of equipment. The Body Bars have been an outstanding addition to my equipment selection, as they can be used for any of the previous exercises plus combo lifts, which not only develop strength endurance, but teach rhythm and provide a stimulus to the short-term memory center of the brain. The Body Bar is my go-to for teaching many of these exercises.”

For more information about Eric Chessen, please visit:

Or email him at:


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