Happy Mother’s Day Workout by Heather Hughes

The “I’m in my Jeans and have a Baby Running Around” Workout

So you don’t have any time to put on workout clothes and maybe you have a kid or two running around…

GOOD NEWS! You can still work out!

Even if you don’t have a child, this routine is super quick, convenient and easy – just substitute weights for the cute baby (I’m a little biased).

It’s just enough of a workout to make a difference, however you aren’t going to get super sweaty (well I guess it depends on how big of a kid you lift 🙂

For more of a challenge, try doing it 2 times a day and again, no kid…no problem – just use some medium sized dumbbells!

*If you just had a baby make sure you have clearance to exercise and only lift a child in any capacity if they are in good health, have excellent head control, etc.
*Make sure you are capable of lifting them correctly with good form, the baby is comfortable and enjoys it and if there is any doubt DON’T DO IT!
*Modified you can do any of this without resistance or dumbbells – babies make good spectators too 🙂

Regular Squat – 20 reps
*FORM: Sit weight into heels, knees over ankles and engage core – especially since you are holding weight out in front of you

Plie Squat – 20 reps
*FORM: Legs wide with toes pointing at corners, back tall bend knees so they stay over ankles – modified you can hold the baby in a seated position with hands underneath just make sure you always have a good grip!

Bicep Curl – 15-20 reps
*FORM: Good posture with soft knees and hips underneath you – make sure baby is comfortable

Lunge – 20 reps right leg then 20 reps left leg
*FORM: Legs wide with front knee over heel at bottom and rear heel always lifted – modified baby can rest on front thigh

Kneeling Shoulder Press – 15-20 reps
*FORM: Kneel tall with core engaged, lift baby up – make sure baby has not just eaten

Airplane Ab Crunch – 20-30 reps
*FORM: Always keep hands on baby! Knees bent at 90 degrees, crunch up to baby lifting shoulder blades then return to ground

Bench Press – 15-20 reps
*FORM: Lay flat and lift baby up and down over chest – hold baby securely but comfortably and watch out for drool!

Push-Ups – 15 reps
*FORM: Regular push-ups on toes or knees – my baby tried to escape but maybe yours will lay still for little kiss in between every rep 🙂

Plank – hold for 60 seconds (or in my case…until they squirm away!)
*FORM: On elbows and toes with a flat back – make sure not fall onto baby!


One response to “Happy Mother’s Day Workout by Heather Hughes

  1. This is so cute and really interesting. Now I believe that there is no excuse in staying fit even if you are a mother to many adorable children. 🙂 Happy mother’s day to all mothers out there.

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