Body Bar Creative Trainer of the Month : Heather Hughes

Body Bar is proud to announce their May Creative Trainer of the month; Heather Hughes.  She has provided us workouts in the past and this time has provided us with some great routines that we will post throughout May.  First, we would like you all to get to know Heather a little better and why she uses the Body Bar and Body Bar FLEX in the gym, at home and for personal training.


As one of Chicago’s most popular fitness professionals, Heather Hughes is an innovator of group exercise with her effective & results-driven formats!  Power Sculpt Fitness™ is an extension of her unbelievable workouts!


Heather has been a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and exercise physiologist since 1997.

Having worked at some of Chicago’s premier fitness facilities, teaching and training thousands of participants, she has now taken her vast experience and knowledge and created the ultimate body sculpting class!


She believes that participants at every level should feel welcomed in group fitness classes!

Her unique ability to challenge the most advanced participant, while simultaneously modifying movements for beginners, is what makes her classes safeeffective and popular.

Heather has always specialized in creating dynamic and effective workouts that can be modified for every fitness level.

She has worked with many different clients and specializes in developing lean and defined bodies with her effective workout method.


In addition to her bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology and master’s degree in health and physical education, Heather is an ACSM and ACE Certified Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor and holds several other advanced specialty certifications.

She also is health and physical education instructor in the School of Education at DePaul University instructing undergraduate courses such as The School Health Program, Fitness and Aerobics.


Heather has changed countless physiques over the years and instructs hundreds of participants and clients every week!

As a former collegiate gymnast she still enjoys a little competition and in her “free time” participates in road races and triathlons.

Recently, Heather became a lululemon ambassador for their Halsted store in Chicago!


“My clients thought that it was fun and deceptively challenging. When they went to pick the bars up they expected a “real” Body Bar and when it was so light they figured the exercises would be super easy.  They loved the combo movements – lunge/press, squat/curl, etc. Some movements are definitely more challenging to do correctly like the inner thigh squeeze, tricep press and even the row – form and alignment – but once they got the hang of it, they enjoyed those ones too.  I think there would be a lot of Pilates and yoga-inspired movements that could be done with the Flex bars and I plan on exploring those within my ‘Fusion Sculpt’ format (yoga with resistance intervals). My kids also like to use the Flex bar and it allows them to do a lot of exercises that they obviously would never be able to do since they are young. I’d love to figure out a way to pair the Flex with resistance tubing or slight “inertia’ movement!”


“I LOVE using Body Bars in my classes and with my clients because they are so versatile, comfortable to use and help take my classes and sessions to the next level! I utilize Body Bars in my Kickbox Interval & Bootcamp formats as stations or strength intervals because the bars are super easy to grab and get started – it never disrupts the flow of my class and I can do a million exercises with them! In my strength formats Body Bars have always been a staple piece of equipment! My classes love starting off their warm-up using the bar tall to get their form ready for the session ahead and before you know it, we are on to squats with the bar on their backs, bicep curls, shoulder presses with rotation and more! Body Bars integrate seamlessly into all of my group fitness formats and when I use them in one-on-one training sessions, they are even more versatile.  The variety of exercises and portability of the bars makes them an essential training tool.  Body Bars make my participants and clients feel strong, powerful and ready to take their workout to the next level!”


For more information about Heather, please visit the following:


Facebook: Twitter: @PowerSculpt



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