Creative Training with Celebrity Trainer Joshua Holland

Joshua Holland is an accomplished, certified, celebrity fitness expert with a wide range of experience in athletics.  He played 4 years of collegiate basketball, 2 years of professional basketball overseas, and has earned a 2nd degree black belt.  He has used his personal athletic skills to help train superstars like Madonna and has helped many people meet their fitness goals, push themselves to new limits, and just feel better overall.

Body Bar was fortunate to come across Josh’s Body Bar videos.  The exercises he provides with the Body Bar are fun, versatile and very challenging.  We were excited to have Josh try out the Body Bar Flex especially after seeing how versatile he could be with the Original Body Bar.  Below, Josh reviews the Body Bar and Body Bar FLEX.  We also included a great full body circuit workout Josh created using the Body Bar FLEX.

“There are two key components in fitness that really stand out to me – Variety and Excitability. My outgoing personality and inquisitive nature constantly force me to search for the coolest training devices and workout methods. Throughout my quest last year, I came across a company that has a simple, yet very effective product – Body Bar (

When I train with a particular product, I like to think “outside the box” and discover non-traditional ways to use that product. I quickly began to have fun with the Body Bar. It was like being kid in a candy store. It seemed as if I had no limits on what could be done with it. And then, Body Bar came out with the new Body Bar FLEX!! It’s basically a bendable version of the standard Body Bar. I love the variety in the FLEX because one can utilize the bend resistance and the shake benefits.

Performing the right exercises, it’s easy to see that training with the Body Bar and Body Bar FLEX makes for a great full body workout to develop coordination and a lean, tighter body. In fact, when working with my clients at the Core Club (, I’ve noticed that many of them are surprised at the intensity and quick benefits the Body Bar FLEX offers.”

Joshua Holland’s Body Bar FLEX Full Body Circuit

Move #1 : Back & Shoulders

Move #2 : Back, Shoulder, Triceps & Biceps

Move #3 : Abs

Move #4: Obliques

Move #5 : Chest & Balance

Move #6: Chest

Note: Josh is really strong and only using a 20lb Flex for this circuit.  Please make sure you DO NOT flex your Body Bar Flex past a “U” shape or it may lose its resistance

For more information about products and workouts, visit and Josh’s company

Are you a personal trainer who has been using Body Bar or Body Bar FLEX?  Do you have a unique way of using these products?  If so, we want to hear from you!  Email us at for more information.

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