Body Bar Monday Move : Glutes

Lets fire up those glutes today!

Today’s move will help shape your lower body while working your core as you balance.  Take your time with each rep as you should feel your glutes engage each time.  Enjoy!

One Leg (Two Arm Front Grip) Deadlift

  •  Begin with feet together, Body Bar in front of the thighs (overhand grip).
  • With a slight bend in the knees, begin to move the hips back and the chest froward to drop the bar to slightly below the kness.  Simultaneously, elevate one leg behind you as the chest is coming forward.
  • The bar will remain parallel to the floor and travel over the shoe laces to slightly below the knee.
  • Return to starting position
  • For a little extra workout : when in the bent position add in a row or bicep curl while keep your core stable.

Note: Be sure to keep the back long; avoid rounding the spine as you lean forward.  This is not a flexibility exercise; it is meant to target the back of the legs, but not from excessive forward flexion.  Instead, concentrate on pushing the hips as far back as you can while keeping the spine long.


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