Body Bar’s Monday Move : Biceps

Body Bar’s Monday Move: Biceps

The bicep is that lovely glamour muscle we all want.  If you want to achieve a toned arms, it is important to know how the muscle works to best achieve your goals.

The muscle has two functions: Flexion (the action of bringing up the arm to the shoulder) and supination (the action of twisting the wrist or turning the thumb away from the body).  Many train only the brachii which is the main muscle of the bicep.  However, if we focus on training the smaller part of the bicep too, the brachialis, then you can add to the size and length of your bicep!

So let’s start working on those biceps with two exercises that will work all areas of the muscle!

One Arm Bicep Curl (supinate):

One Arm Body Bar Curl

Begin by grasping the Body Bar with the right hand in an underhand grip.  The left hand may assist by holding lightly at the opposite end of the bar.  Start with the bar resting at the thighs with the elbows slightly in front of the body.  Bend the elbows to bring the bar up towards the shoulders without letting the elbows move behind the body.  Complete 2-3 sets of 10 to 12 reps.  If you want to add a little extra challenge, try doing this exercise while balancing on the leg opposite of the arm you are lifting with.

Body Bar Curls 21’s:

Full Curl Poistion

Halfway Curl Position

Do 2 sets of 21 if you can.  Start the curl at the halfway position where your elbows are at a 90 degree angle, from this position go back down to the starting point for 7 reps, from halfway up to the top then back down to the halfway point for 7 reps and finally doing the complete curl for 7 reps.

Got an exercise you want to share?  Or maybe you need some exercises to target a certain muscle group.  Contact us and we’ll post it on our blog! 


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