Body Bar and Downunder CT Surf Shop

Body Bar has been around since 1987: our 25th birthday is this April!  We feel so very fortunate to have so many fitness professionals supporting Body Bar throughout the years. We continue to be amazed by how trainers use our equipment and are always open to hearing why/how you use the Body Bar and the feedback you receive from clients.

Downunder Kayaks/SUPs/Surf Shop is one of those clubs we were excited to hear from.  Who would have thought that a surf shop would be using and selling Body Bars?  We were curious to know how they were using our equipment and what they thought.  Kim Beaumont (the owner) was so kind to send us her thoughts, along with pictures of exercises they practice in their fitness classes.

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“We created the Downunder Paddle Fitness program to keep clients active and in shape when they can’t get out on the water – e.g. winter! We use the body bar as a substitute for the paddle, and together with a bosu ball and mini paddle board we’re able to replicate stand-up paddling – which is an amazing all round workout. In fact, this on-land program is more of a challenge and great training for the sport itself.”

– Kim Beaumont, owner Downunder Kayaks/SUPs/Surf Shop, Westport/Rowayton, CT.

Comments from some of her happy clients:

“I have tried tons of workouts and this Indoor Paddle workout is, by far, the best that I have ever done! I love the way they incorporate the body bar, bosu ball, and board into a really awesome workout!”

– Debbie, Indoor Paddle Fitness client.

“I have been training with a well-known hard-core program for 2 years, but after trying out the Downunder Indoor Paddle Fitness program I am dropping it! I love the variety of exercises that we do on the board, the ball, and with the bar and how great I feel afterwards. I am already seeing results!”

– Anne, Indoor Paddle Fitness client.

For more information on Downunder Surf Shop’s Body Bar program please visit:


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