Body Bar’s Monday Move : Triceps

Cure the case of the Mondays with Body Bar’s Monday Moves!

This Monday, Body Bar presents an exercise to engage your triceps.  You can use this move at home, the gym, the office or even while you’re waiting for dinner to be cooked.  Working out your triceps will give your arms an overall tone and prevent the “chicken wing” affect we are all so fond of.

*When doing any exercise, concentrate on your form.  No exercise is worth doing if you don’t do it correctly!

Body Bar Move: Triceps Extension (One Arm): Begin by holding the Body Bar® with the right hand towards the top of the bar and the left hand at the bottom of the bar behind your back, vertically. The bar should be close in to the head and the buttocks with the top arm extended. Bend the elbow of the top hand to allow the bar to move further down the body. Use the bottom hand to ‘spot’ and guide the bar. Then, extend the elbow to return to the starting position. Try to perform 3 sets of 12-15 on both sides. 

Body Bar FLEX Move: Stand tall with feet hip width apart.  Place the Body Bar FLEX vertically next to your right leg with one end on the floor nest to your right foot.  Grasp the top of the bar with your right hand, your left arm is hanging comfortably at your left side.  Exhale, tighten the back of your right arm, and while keeping a soft grip, push the bar down with your right hand.  The bar will bend into a ‘U’ shape behind you, and your hand will move slightly out in front of your right hip.  Keep your shoulders, spine and head neutral and take care not to lean to the right as you press down with your hand.  Inhale and keep control as you return to the start position.   Repeat on the other side.  Try to perform 3 sets of 12-15 on both sides.

Got an exercise you want to share?  Or maybe you need some exercises to target a certain muscle group.  Contact us and we’ll post it on our blog! 


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