Bring it on 2012!

2012; the year that will change all the things that you have done in the past, the year that will make all previous resolutions diminutive in comparison, the year of accomplishments.  We hope you’ll let Body Bar be a part of your journey!

We believe Body Bar is not only a fitness tool, but a motivational tool, as well.  Body Bar can be used anywhere – at the office, at the gym, at home, during group fitness classes, and even at physical therapy.  For this year, and many years to follow, we will continue to support the fitness and health community with not only a great product but with exercises, motivation and a community (aka Body Bar Nation) which support a lifestyle of happiness, health, and fitness.


In honor of the New Year, the Body Bar staff would like to give some of our own motivational tips:

Fight for It!
We all want results now, but nothing is worth having if you don’t fight for it.  That must be a quote from some sappy love movie but it still holds true when it comes to fitness.  This isn’t to say that a month or two of hard work won’t give you results.  But if you stick to a routine for 3 months or more, then you will truly see and feel the difference.  Give yourself at least 2 weeks to establish a routine and you will be more likely to stick with it for weeks to come.

Do it for You!
The worst thing that anyone could EVER do, especially in the fitness realm, is to compare themselves with another person.  Everyone is built differently and you never know another person’s lifestyle.  If you’re at the gym, try your best to ignore what others are doing.  Focus on you and your reasons for working out.  Base your goals on how healthy you want to be, what you want your body to be capable of, and how you want to feel.

Find What Works
While some people will not exercise unless they are in a group fitness class, others cannot work out unless they are in the convenience of their own home.  Try different techniques and atmospheres at least once:  you may be surprised to learn what works best for you.  If you feel that the new method is going nowhere, feel free to move on despite what other fitness enthusiasts or even professionals may say.  All that matters in the end is that you’ve burned calories, are getting healthy, and feel amazing inside and out!

Visualize Your Goal
Goals are a great way to stay motivated, but sometimes we can become lost or discouraged by thinking about how far away that final target may be.  Instead, take it week by week and even day by day.  Visualize what workout you want to do for that day and how you want to feel by the end of it.  Planning out workouts can help with motivation.  If you have already planned your workout for the day or the week then you are less likely to bail at the last second.

These are just a few of our own ways that we stay motivated at Body Bar headquarters. What keeps you motivated day to day?


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