Body Bar is excited to be participating in the following Fitness Shows this summer:



DCAC Fitness Convention – Washington DC.  August 3-7.  The Hyatt Regency, Reston, VA.

DYNAMIC DEFINITION, with Sherry Catlin  All the best moves to ignite your lower body with sure-fire sequences that hit the trouble spots…define your thighs and rock “dah butt”. Then increase the intensity by inviting your core and upper body to the party in a creative total body challenge that will develop a defined, agile and powerful body that looks as good as it moves! Fun!

FUNCTIONAL FUSION, with Leslee Bender  Join Leslee for this unique blend of tri-plane movement sequences with the Body Bar FLEX for a completely new approach in functional training. Experience why standing and utilizing all three planes is the finest way to train the body for complete symmetry with resistance. Leslee brings her knowledge and individuality to create dynamic exercises that will leave you with a better understanding of how to train your clients and yourself more efficiently. You will leave feeling parts of your body that you did not know moved in that way and why it is so important to train three dimensionally.

BALANCE INFUSED STRENGTH, with Keli Roberts  Gliding Discs, the Body Bar and the Bender Ball creates a training environment that allows for the perfect blend of balance infused strength, for your group fitness classes. The Body Bar is incorporated with innovative, functional movements that enhance balance, postural stability and mobility for the upper and lower body. Learn Gliding movement drills that progressively challenge the body’s postural muscles and balance to create a whole new level of core-focused training.

ELEGANT POWERFUL STRENGTH, with Sherry Catlin  From slow to fast to explosive…from stationary to dynamic coordinated movement. Experience this powerful combination of total body strength and core training infused with elements of Pilates, yoga, and moves that will surprise you! Balance your body – strength/flexibility, stability/mobility, agility/control. Using the Body Bar FLEX, experience resistance training without weight that delivers muscular strength and endurance, a well-conditioned core, and a body that moves with power and grace.


AAAI/ISMA – Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  August 19-21.  The Resort & Hyannis.

BUDDHA BAR FLEX, with Sherry Catlin Experience this elegant blend of Pilates, yoga, dance as well as core training with the Body Bar FLEX.

CUT TO THE CORE, with Sherry Catlin Learn innovative drills and exercises that challenge the core muscles through all ranges and planes of motion. This is a complete core experience – come turn it ON!!




Savier FitFest Fitness Conference – San Jose, California.  September 16-17.  The Club One Silver Creek Sportsplex.

Savier FitFest Fitness Conference – Denver, Colorado.  September 30-October 1.  The Colorado Athletic Club Downtown.

BUDDHA BAR FLEX, with June Kahn June developed this elegant blend of Pilates, yoga, dance, as well core training that will balance your body – strength/flexibility, stability/mobility, power/grace, mind/body. Then add the Body Bar FLEX for a resistance component that increases muscular strength and endurance.

GLUTE CAMP, with Keli Roberts Boot Camp for the Booty! The Body Bar FLEX lends itself to functional movement and enhances integrated balance and core stability. The program incorporates progressive lower body physical execution techniques, plyometric progressions and exercise guidelines utilizing the Body Bar FLEX. Learn critical body alignment, movement pattern, exercise progression and cueing techniques.

BODY BAR FLEX EXTREME CORE, with Leslee Bender If you are looking for a core training class that uses vibration training with isokinetic exercises, then this is a class for you! The Body Bar FLEX is designed to contour-flex-vibrate in exercises applicable to ultimately strengthen the core. The exercises are designed for all levels of students from group and personal training.



Come join us!  And visit to learn more about Body Bar products.





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