The Body Bar FLEX –Read what leading Fitness Professionals are saying about this versatile, effective Exercise Device!

You can do repetitions to develop strength and dynamic flexibility.  Or, simply hold it in an isometric contraction.  That helps develop joint stability as well as core conditioning.  But, one of my favorite things I love about the Body Bar FLEX is because it’s so light, you can move through three-dimensional movement patterns to develop functional mobility, stability, as well as strength and agility.  Basically, we’re training movement rather than muscle.

Lisa Wheeler

National Creative Manager for Group Fitness, Equinox Fitness Clubs

New York, NY




The Body Bar FLEX is a multi-faceted training tool for strength conditioning, flexibility, and joint stabilization.  It couples resistance training and mobility of the joints all in one.

My clients LOVE the Body Bar FLEX because:

●It is easy to store and take on trips.

●It’s effective; as results are seen within 3 weeks of using the FLEX on a continual basis.

●It is unlike any other traditional “resistance training tool”, as it creates long, lean muscle definition without putting too much stress on joints and ligaments.

Body Bar FLEXis all about range and plane change!  It’s an extremely effective tool for functional training in today’s environment.

●My clients are getting STRONGER and LEANER with Body Bar FLEX.

●It is fun and new!  And, the vibration series is a HUGE hit!!

As a personal trainer/fitness instructor, I use the Body Bar FLEX2-3 times a week in my own workouts and have gained a tremendous amount of strength in my shoulders and lats.  My arms are more lean, ripped and defined.  It’s the perfect fitness tool for shredding and chiseling.  I have my own Madonna arms now!!!”


April Garton

Joy Fitness

Los Angeles, CA




“I was really impressed with just how light the bar itself is.  It packs such tremendous resistance wrapped up in a solid rubber exterior.  I used it in the gym in-between sets of my 40 minute chest routine and the results were spectacular in terms of the pump I received, and the new burn my chest muscles felt.  I let most of the guys try it out, and everyone agreed the resistance was refreshingly challenging!”

Bruce Pechman

‘The Muscle Man of Technology’

Solana Beach, CA




“The Body Bar FLEXhas quickly become my favorite tool for my Pilates classes and clients.  It is the perfect piece of equipment for my mature clients because it is lightweight, bendable, fun, and easy to use.  The unique properties allow simultaneous gains in strength and flexibility necessary to perform vital functional skills.  Most importantly, it allows for fluid, dynamic movement patterns essential to life’s daily challenges, improving overall joint stability, posture, and balance in all planes of motion.  Gains in strength and flexibility can be accomplished in a variety of positions, even sitting in a chair!

Body Bar FLEXis the most versatile tool you will own.  Its unique bendable properties allow for gains in core strength in just about every exercise you choose to do.  It is the sensible solution for older adults – giving them the opportunity to increase strength and mobility with a product that is unweighted, non-intimidating, practical, and fun.  

I love working with the Body Bar FLEX.  Its versatility crosses generations, making it adaptable to anyone from kids to senior adults.  It is the one prop my clients can’t get enough of.”

June Kahn

June Kahn’s Bodyworks, LLC

Director of SENIOR-FIT Programming, Body Bar

Broomfield, CO



“The Body Bar FLEXis an essential piece of equipment for my Pilates classes.  I love it because it helps my clients develop better body awareness, enhance alignment ,and engage the correct muscles.  It simply makes them  feel the movements more and makes my instruction more effective.  Incredibly, my clients now ask to use the Body Bar FLEX in the Pilates classes!”

Abbie Appel

Pilates Institute of America Master Trainer

Boca Raton, FL       




“I love working with the Body Bar FLEX.  It allows me to move creatively in a variety of directions, fully integrating aspects of strength and flexibility, through a diverse range of motion.  I have found it great fun when working with all populations, from light-hearted kids to focus-minded adults!”

Lashaun Dale

Creative Manager of Group Fitness, Equinox Fitness Clubs

Director of KID-FIT Programming, Body Bar

Whitefish, MT




“The Body Bar FLEX can be used by virtually anyone, because it weighs so little, but you can still develop strength with it.  Kids can use it in a fun, playful way to develop functional skills.  Athletes use it in sports-specific ways, to develop strength and dynamic mobility.   And Seniors can use it to develop strength without weight, which is a critical functionality as we age.”

Sherry Catlin

Director of Program Development, Body Bar

Boston, MA



”As a martial arts, dance and performance artist of 30 years, I am always looking to maximize authentic muscle strength with versatility of movement.  I am truly impressed with the variety of movement that this training tool offers.  I am able to perform exercises that are classic in nature yet challenge me to use my expertise and allow for creativity in developing even more dynamic exercises based on martial arts and dance. The Body Bar FLEXis a unique training tool because it has flex!  I am a huge advocate of coupling resistance training with flexibility.  My clients have benefitted from using the Body Bar FLEX!

I love training Rihanna with the Body Bar FLEX because:

(a) We are able to travel easily with the compact tool

(b) The Body Bar FLEX has multiple uses.

(c) Artists get bored easily and with the Body Bar FLEX, I am able to get super creative and maintain the

Excitement and focus every artist craves!

(d) My girl is getting stronger!  Love that!

Ary Nunez

Gotham Global Fitness, LLC

Venia East

New York, NY

Try it yourself.  Get started today!

Visit order the Body Bar FLEX

with free ‘Fitness Tips and Exercise’ chart



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