The Body Bar FLEX ‘OFFICE 10’ Workout

Great exercises you can do at your desk or work station!

Body Bar Flex in the Office


When you can’t seem to find time to get to the gym or simply to exercise, Body Bar has got you covered with our new OFFICE 10 Workout using the Body Bar FLEX.  The OFFICE 10 is an energizing set of exercises designed to be performed in approximately 10 minutes, while sitting at your desk or work station.  Transition from one exercise to the next is easy and quick.  The program is time-efficient, and by design maximizes the fitness outcome in short sessions.


The Body Bar FLEX variable resistance bar is a unique fitness device, ideal for developing functional strength, flexibility, and endurance for total body conditioning.  Lightweight and portable, it can be used to stretch and strengthen the entire body – even while sitting!


The OFFICE 10 program takes advantage of the resistive qualities of the Body Bar FLEX and incorporates varied types of exercises including:  stretching, isotonic, isometric, compound, and oscillatory.


What fitness professionals are saying about the Body Bar FLEX and the OFFICE 10 workout:

  • Body Bar Flex in the Office

    “I have found that exerting one’s muscles during the work day is relaxing, relieves some stress, and the ‘pump’ feels good!”


“The Body Bar FLEX is unlike any other resistance training tool, as it creates long, lean muscle definition without putting too much stress on joints and ligaments.  It’s an extremely effective tool for functional training.”


“Our hectic lives don’t always allow us to make time for the gym.  Having the Body Bar FLEX at your office is perfect!  You can squeeze in a quick workout of 10 or 15 minutes each day.  It all adds up!”



Get started today!

Visit order the Body Bar FLEX

and download the free OFFICE 10 workout!




2 responses to “The Body Bar FLEX ‘OFFICE 10’ Workout

  1. I have recently begun doing the Body Bar Flex Office 10 Workout and I have to say it is a great way to get the blood pumping and clear my head in the afternoon. I’m one of those people who have an afternoon slump. I begin to feel sleepy and sluggish around 2 pm, but taking a short break to do this workout revives me quickly and then I’m ready to take on whatever comes my way for the rest of the day. I especially like the way the workout was designed to flow easily from one exercise to the next. It’s simple, easy and quick!

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