The Body Bar FLEX ‘FIT 15 for KIDS’ Workout

Great exercises your kids can do during those lazy, crazy days of summer…

so those days aren’t so lazy!


To paraphrase Alice Cooper, school is definitely out for summer.  And, Body Bar offers an exercise program your kids can do, which is fun and gives them a wonderful workout.

The Body Bar FLEX FIT 15 for KIDS program uses safe, effective, integrated movement exercises –involving compound movements which work more than one muscle group at a time– to deliver specific stretching, strengthening, and core conditioning.

The Body Bar FLEX variable resistance bar is a unique fitness device, ideal for developing functional strength, flexibility, and endurance for total body conditioning.  Lightweight and portable, with a soft, easy-grip rubber sheathing, it can be used to stretch and strengthen the entire body!

At 48-inches long, and weighing just a little over a pound, the Body Bar FLEX can be taken anywhere.  And the FIT 15 for KIDS exercises can be performed virtually anywhere:  at home, out in the yard, at the club or community center, even the swimming pool – yes, it floats!

What teachers and fitness professionals are saying about the Body Bar FLEX and the FIT 15 for KIDS workout:

“I love working with the Body Bar FLEX.  It allows me to move creatively in a variety of directions, fully integrating aspects of strength and flexibility, through a diverse range of motion.  I have found it great fun when working with all populations, from light-hearted kids to focus-minded adults!”

“The majority of the students that I teach display weak muscle strength in their upper bodies, therefore making it difficult to engage in push-ups, arm hangs, and other skills that require lifting and pushing.  The FIT 15 provides an answer to the task of increasing their upper body strength.

“The Body Bar FLEX can be used by virtually anyone, because it weighs so little, but you can still develop strength with it.  Kids can use it in a fun, playful way to develop functional skills.  Athletes use it in sports-specific ways, to develop strength and dynamic mobility.   And Seniors can use it to develop strength without weight, which is a critical functionality as we age.”

 The Body Bar FLEX FIT 15 for KIDS exercises provide kids with a safe, efficient, effective, and compelling workout that focuses on low impact, total body conditioning which is based on sound fitness methodology.  They offer students an exercise program that draws from many modalities; including yoga, dance, Pilates, and physical therapy training.   


Get your kids started today!


Visit to order the Body Bar FLEX

and get a free FIT 15 for KIDS  wall chart 


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