Pop, Hip Hop, and R&B recording artist RIHANNA uses Body Bars to train for her ’Last Girl on Earth‘ Tour!

Read what Ary Nunez, personal trainer for Rihanna and others, says about using Body Bar weighted bars, strength bands, and the Body Bar FLEX® for her clients.

The Body Bar combined with the Body Bar Strength Bands is such an exceptional training tool.  As a martial arts, dance, and performance artist of 30 years, I am always looking to maximize authentic muscle strength with versatility of movement. I am truly impressed with the variety of movement that this training tool offers. I am able to perform exercises that are classic in nature yet challenge me to use my expertise and allow for creativity in developing even more dynamic exercises based on martial arts and dance.

The Body Bar FLEX is a unique training tool because it has flex!  I am a huge advocate of coupling resistance training with flexibility. My clients have benefitted from using the Body Bar FLEX!

I love training Rihanna with the Body Bar because:

(a) We are able to travel easily with the compact tool.

(b) The Body Bar has multiple uses.

(c) Artists get bored easily and with the Body Bar, I am able to get super creative and maintain the

excitement and focus every artist craves!

(d) My girl is getting stronger! Love that!

Ary Nunez

Gotham Global Fitness, LLC

Jersey City, NJ


Visit www.bodybar.com to learn more about Body Bar products, and access the workouts that

can give you, too, the ’BODY OF A ROCK STAR’!


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