Body Bar Presenters at DCAC-Houston!

Once again, Body Bar has a great line-up of talented and well-known fitness professionals presenting at the DCAC Fitness Convention in Houston, Texas, April 6-9.

Thursday:  Body Bar FLEX Pre-Con with June Kahn.  A cutting edge workshop that introduces the Body Bar FLEX.  In June’s 4-hour course, attendees will learn:

●An understanding of the design of the bar       ●Basic grips, bar placement, a safety guidelines

●Exercises for total body conditioning                ●Yoga and Pilates poses and exercises

●Proper cueing techniques                   ●How to use the bar as assistance as well as resistance

●How to design full classes                               ●How the bar is perfect for all populations

Friday:  Body Bar Balance Infused Strength with Keli Roberts.  Keli uses Gliding Discs, the Body Bar, and the Bender Ball to create a training environment that allows for the perfect blend of balance infused strength.

Saturday:  Body Bar Cut To The Core with Keli Roberts.  Keli introduces an all new functional training program designed to improve core muscular strength/endurance, stability, mobility, and definition.

Saturday:  Body Bar Functional Fusion with Leslee Bender.  Leslee presents a unique blend of tri-plane movement sequences with the Body Bar FLEX for a completely new approach in functional training.

Saturday:  Body Bar Buddha Bar FLEX with June Kahn.  June displays an elegant blend of Pilates, yoga, and dances, as well as core training that will balance the body – strength/flexibility, stability/mobility, power/grace, and mind/body.

Visit to learn more about the show.

And visit to see all of the great Body Bar and Body Bar FLEX fitness products and programming!


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