The ‘SPORT ZONE’ Workout on DVD

SPORT ZONE is a dynamic Body Bar workout to build fitness skills required for sports performance.  It uses unique exercises to develop power, endurance, strength, and body awareness in an easily-followed interval training format.

Through repetition, controlled speed, and mental focus, instructors LASHAUN DALE and CAREY BOND engage you in a challenging, effective, 60-minute training workout.  Here’s what Lashaun has say:

SPORT ZONE is one of my favorite DVD workouts of any I’ve done in my entire career.  It was very special to collaborate with Carey Bond; a highly skilled and diverse athlete who gives such passion and amazing authenticity to the program design, as well as a practical and critical eye to the functional application of the workout.  This program is a highly innovative workout, combining real life movement patterns with resistance and directed cues, alignment, and breathing.  It is a killer workout for cardio, strength, and targeted flexibility!”

By performing the SPORT ZONE workout, your core strength and body awareness will be increased.  This video is one of many in the Body Bar ‘MASTER YOUR BODY’ DVD Series.

To order SPORT ZONE, and other great video workouts, visit the Body Bar Web Store: and check out this sample video.


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