June Kahn presents a Pilates / Yoga Fusion Class using the Body Bar FLEX ®

June Kahn, 2009/2010 IDEA WORLD Fitness Instructor of the Year, presented an exciting new program at the recent AAAI/ISMA ‘ONE WORLD’ Conference in Colorado Springs.

Here is how June describes her session:

Buddha Bar FLEX is an elegant blend of Pilates, Yoga, and Dance, using the unique bendable properties of the Body Bar FLEX.

The Body Bar FLEX is used as a tool to assist and enhance more core engagement, as well as challenge balance to enhance proprioception that will balance your body with power and grace.

Incorporating the Body Bar FLEX with traditional Pilates standing, kneeling, prone, seated, and supine progressions allows one to enhance core strength and improve rotational properties all while adding a distinctive  graceful flow to the series.  For Yoga, we incorporate the Body Bar FLEX in the traditional undulating Sun Salutation series, adding an upper body strength component as well as adding balance and strength challenges to the traditional Yoga poses.  We also use the Body Bar FLEX as an assistance tool for flexibility and utilize the Dynamic Inertia (shaking) properties of the bar with the Classical Pilates Hundred series.”


It really went well and I am happy that we were able to create and deliver something new, graceful and unique!”

Take June’s Buddha Bar Flex Class using the Body Bar FLEX during the DCAC Fitness Convention in Houston, Texas, April 7-9.
Visit June’s website at  www.junekahn.com.

And, visit  www.bodybar.com/Body-Bar-Store/Body-Bar-Flex to learn more about the versatile Body Bar FLEX.


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