The Golf Season Is Not Too Far Off

TENSION and LACK OF FLEXIBILITY are harmful to the Golf Swing  –  the Body Bar FLEX® can help!

Tension and Lack of Flexibility.  Far and away the two elements most detrimental to the golf swing.  And perhaps the least understood by the amateur golfer.

All golfers begin with that perfect grip, and the ideal set-up, with body properly aligned toward the target.  However, as the club is pulled back, most golfers inadvertently grip the club tighter.  This causes unwelcome tension throughout the wrists, arms, and shoulders.  Very subtle – yet very damaging to the swing!

Also, the recreational golfer has been trained to seek that full shoulder turn at the top of the swing:  “Back to the target!”  Yet, few golfers are flexible enough to actually obtain this necessary position – their shoulders, core, and back simply do not allow it.  What do they do?  Grip the club still harder (which causes more tension) and force their body into that turn.

Additionally, very few weekend golfers have the flexibility in their hamstrings to maintain the proper posture throughout the swing.  Tightness in the legs forces the golfer to rise up slightly (or a lot!).

That pristine position at the start of the swing has now become contorted, out-of-alignment, and rigid.  Yet, the weekend golfer still expects to bring the clubface back down along the proper target line and into a position square to the ball.  Virtually impossible!

Much has been made about professional golfers spending time in the weight room, or in the training trailer while out on tour.  What few people know is that many pro’s spend more time on stretching and flexibility than they do on strengthening.  Hmmm…..maybe they know something.

And, for many weekend golfers, the core muscles are as overlooked as flexibility.  The core muscles (the muscles of the abdominals, mid-section, and lower back) are at the foundation of all movements in the golf swing.  It is essential to have a strong, flexible core if one is to rotate properly, with controlled power from the backswing to the follow-through.

Body Bar FLEX is an inexpensive, and extremely effective, tool for gaining this much-needed flexibility.  Simple drills, performed several times per week, will improve any golfer’s flexibility and range of motion.  The lightweight bar can even be carried in the golf bag, and used for stretching immediately before, during, and after the round.

Visit to learn more about the Body Bar FLEX and to access the drills specific to improving the golf swing.


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