How Body Bar Got Started

Arno Niemand, a collegiate wrestler at Cornell, was also an avid exerciser who worked out with a personal trainer.  His trainer presented him with an idea for a new exercise device:  a weighted steel bar covered with an easy grip, durable rubber.

Mr. Niemand recognized the versatility and potential of such a novel fitness tool.  It was user friendly, cost effective, and perfect for group exercise, personal training, physical therapy, and home workouts.

Taking a specific weight, and spreading it out equally over the entire 48-inch length of the bar, made it ideal for a wide variety of workouts:

●Traditional strength training ●Circuit and interval classes

●Kick boxing and martial arts ●Sport-specific conditioning

●Balance, flexibility, and alignment work ●Pilates- and Yoga-based movements

Mr. Niemand founded the company in 1987, developing and introducing a complete line of steel exercise bars for the fitness industry.  Interest in the Body Bar grew quickly, as fitness experts began to incorporate it into their programs, taking advantage of the concept:  “One Bar. Infinite Workouts.”  Mr. Niemand supported his products with an extensive offering of wall charts, workout videos, and workshops and master classes.


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